I am a mother to three, bonus mom to three.  I spend a lot of time barefoot in the garden listening to our chickens chatter. I have a mild obsession over avocados and will blow my whole meal planned week for an opportunity to indulge in them. I also believe potatoes are their own food group.

When I am not in the yard, hunting for guac, or in my glass studio, I play tourist throughout the small businesses that bless beautiful Charleston.

Oh, did you want my glass story?

After the seemingly long and grey winter of 2010, I found myself diving into all the gatherings my community had to offer. I enjoyed plenty of live music, festivals, new found coffee shops, and countless yoga classes before I found a fused glass workshop. In the workshop, I learned the basics of cutting and grinding, layering and fusing. I found my niche! I have since invested in a large variety of bandages, but I found something to keep my hands busy and my heart happy. Nine years and two business name changes later, I am still excited about creating melted pieces of art for all to enjoy. I create art for everyone– the decor enthusiasts who need a stand out piece, the art connoisseur searching for their next collection, the parent or grandparent looking for a keepsake or heirloom.  

Check my calendar to see where I will have art in the community and for D.I.Y classes here

-Angel Barnhart, Owner of Barnhart Glass Art