What are you working on?

As a Creative, I love seeing what other people are working on in their own creative comforts. I love seeing sketches, photography, the latest meal they plated, the cute kids running in matching clothes, all of it! So… tell me what you are working on!

I have been gearing up towards our DIY Holiday Ornament class that we will be holding at Mellow and Play Cafe in Ladson. We will be offering ornaments in two styles, tree and snowman, with the option of having them fused to a stand alone snowy background. The colorful dots are what make this DIY craft unique. They are made from broken pieces of glass that are fired and polished as they turn from shards to smooth, round, candy like dots. (Just dont eat them, not good for your teeth!)

Palmetto Snapshots is co-hosting the event, offering a raffle into her priceless family session. Every ornament purchased receives one raffle. Advanced tickets get two extra tickets!

Be sure to come see us on Nov 14-15 or Dec 5-6 between 2-5 pm!