Fused Glass Friday! Recycled Glass

If you have ever discovered a new passion, you may remember diving into it with all that you had, possibly until there were holes in your pockets and a warehouse full of goods in your living room. No?  Okay, well that’s exactly what I did.

Fused glass has been such a treat to my life that I seldom tell myself “No” to the new colors, difficult molds, and the growing list of ideas that I overwhelm myself with every morning.  It took me almost six years to teach myself a limit and use what I have before being a slave to the sales.  Luckily for me, I have rediscovered my pride of recycling.  I have challenged myself to use a huge fraction of what I already have before I venture back into the stores.

With recycling in mind, I made a dry erase board out of extra pieces!  I adhered four extra strength magnets to the back, and made four accent pieces to hold notes, art, good grades, or anything else that hold importance to the fridge.


I love the way it turned out.  It is just big enough for grocery lists, sweet love notes, or for my daughter to leave me a doodle.  I especially like the blue and black border and accent magnets.  I will be scourging my scrap boxes for enough glass to make this in another color!


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