We launched a Kickstarter!

Many of you know my story of how I came to find fused glass. For those who dont, I’ll give you a quick fill-in. Six years ago, I was fighting my hardest fight in a bout of depression. I was struggling to get out of bed and often missing days of work, making life an intense downward spiral. A friend of mine told me about a fused glass class and I agreed to go, but knew I would back out at the last minute. Luckily for me, I went.

I fell in love with the creation of glass decor, the mystery of the process, and the pride of holding the finished pieces in my hands. I loved the craft and visited so often that I earned my own corner in the glass shop. I eventually bought a kiln and brought my creating process home.

Last September, I was given the opportunity to quit my stressful day job. I threw myself into my art and took time to truly focus on a
business plan. I found that I adore teaching people how to make their own pieces of art, recognizing the same mystery and pride in their eyes
that I had in mine. Unfortunately, the kiln I purchased was used and although it has earned it’s spot in my home, it has reached a point of no repair. I started this Kickstarter to ask the community, my loving friends and family of my craft, to pledge as low as a dollar to help me grow my small business. The beauty of Kickstarter is, if the funds asked are not raised, no one is charged for the pledge they offered. If the goal is achieved, you receive prizes based on the tier you contributed to.

I have fallen in love with the Kickstarter mindset. I love seeing what creatives across the globe have churning in their minds. I will be a proud supporter of many projects, whether or not my project takes off. I am so grateful and inspired to see a website so dedicated to believing in the creator, the artist, the designer, the musician. I hope you take a look around Kickstarter, find people’s dreams who inspire you, and help them reach their goals-with gifts in return!