Community Over Competition

When I find a market full of spectacular vendors, I cannot keep it a secret.  I enjoy bringing all our differences and similarities together and if there is a way that I can raise them up or share some of my secrets with them I do not hesitate.  We trade stories of our experiences, our downfalls, our goals for the future. Simply put, I choose community over competition. We all raise the other up, watch each other grow, applaud the small victories, and hold each other close in hard times.

I met a husband and wife team that are consumed with promoting small business- theirs, mine, and all others.  Linda and Scotty are exactly who come to mind when I think “community of competition”.  They give tons of encouraging words, spread the news of upcoming events to attend, and always check up on you when the workday is over.  It’s exactly what artisans need.  The work they do together is amazing, unique, and something I HAD to have in my house.  The community is so lucky to have Linda and Scotty with them!  Check out the links to see their incredible metal art!


 photo 13007284_10154131190850747_2987775107149304340_n_zps5u8q7pmc.jpg