Officially in Market Swing

With sore feet and aching cheeks, I am proud to say I am in 2016 Market swing.  I recently announced on social media my acceptance to the Folly Beach, North Mount Pleasant, and Moncks Corner farmer’s markets.  In my last three markets, I have had the best experiences than I have in the last 6 years of building my business.  I have to praise Sarah at Folly, Dionne at N. Mt. Pleasant, and Sara at Moncks Corner for creating a sense of value to the artists and a sense of community to the patrons of their markets.  Each market has given me a boost of confidence with their praises, their orderliness, their professionalism, their support of the market they are creating.  I may not be making record breaking sales every market, but I am smiling the whole time.  I’m not concerned about a crowd not being brought in, nor am I worried about my daughter being bored or bothersome.  I’m not worried about being hungry or clueless about where to take us to the bathroom.  I feel like we are friends sharing our crafts with each other.  Some grow farms while others brew coffee. Some paint, shape metal, create candles, or make shoes.  We are all building each other up with an irreplaceable energy that the rest of the busy world should be envious about.  I cannot wait to see what art these vibes inspire.  I am anxious to watch my daughter grow up around such giving and creative people.  The way people interact with her proudly handing out free cups of water is fulfilling to the both of us.  I can’t imagine our days being spent any other way.

Fusing hart into art,

Angel Barnhart